Curiosity Killed The Cat – Part 2

In this second installment of Curiosity Killed The Cat, the story expands on who the thief is and introduces a couple of new characters. It also focusses on the diner, why is it so important?

To refresh your mind here is a link to the first part: Curiosity Killed The Cat – Part 1

Now adjust your eyes and get comfy, read on for part 2…

Paying the bartender what he owed, the man staggered out of the bar. Walking harzardly down the street and around the corner to where his car should’ve been. The man gazed at the empty space.
His thoughts swayed, just like he did. The winning thought was that he had to call Vinnie. Patting himself down he located his phone. After 2 rings, Vinnie picked up.

“What is it, Wolgast”
“He’s gone, the car’s gone”
Vinnie sighed “What are you talking about?”
In his drunken state he repiled “You know, he’s gone”
“Where are you? Are you drunk? You better not be drunk”
“Vinnie, there’s a dead man in that car, it’s gone… that hit”
“Seriously Wolgast, you can’t do one fucking thing” Vinnie was annoyed now.
“Where the fuck are you?”
“30, 30… 33rd street”
“I’ll be there in 10 minutes” Vinnie hung up.

Wolgast almost dropped his phone as he put it back in his pocket. He felt the corners of the cigar packet as memories of the day came back to his drunk mind, like a fog. Wolgast didn’t have a clue what time it was as he stood in the empty street, waiting. Vinnie finally pulled up in front of him. “Get in the car” Wolgast stumbled across and got in the car.

“Where are we going?”
“To a motel now shut up, I need to make a phonecall”
After all of 20 minutes, they were in the motel room. They had to think of a plan but neither of them spoke. Wolgast got the bed and Vinnie took the 2 seater.

Vinnie knew he wasn’t going to get Wolgast to talk rationally in his state. Was it really that cartel? He knew he should’ve went with Wolgast. Nobody knew of Vinnie and Wolgast, so who took the car?

Vinnie’s eyes strained just like his thoughts, sleep was upon him.

  • * *

The border had been a struggle but the thief managed to get through. Unaware of the contents in the trunk just slowly rotting away. The thief was in his late 20’s, a no good crook from North Virginia. Jeremian, the man that got nowhere.

Jeremian drove for about 20 miles or so until a diner came into view , it was quiet. Jeremian never parked right outside the diner, thinking it was better to keep the car on the road incase he had to get away.

Getting out the car, he approached the diner. It was empty. From the outside Jeremian couldn’t see anybody. He tried the door to the dinner, again it opened just like that, Jeremian started to think he had a magic touch.

He took a seat in the nearest booth and stared straight ahead, why was the diner empty? It didn’t look abandoned, it looked ready for business. The atomsphere was building and Jeremian knew it, he got up and checked the till without going behind he counter, BINGO! A 100 dollars. He left without a trace, not knowing what was coming to him.

  • * *

The morning had been a dull one as Vinnie drank his coffee steadily. Wolgast woke up at the loud bang of the door as Vinnie stepped inside. Vinnie gave Wolgast a few minutes to wake up as he had it all planned out.

Wolgast sat on the side of the bed, no signs of a hangover, just a headache. He glanced over at Vinnie then got up to the bathroom. When he came out, Vinnie was ready to go. Wolgast picked up the other coffee from the table and followed him out the door.

It wasn’t until they were in the car that they started talking.
“So… what’s the plan?”
“I know of a diner, about 20 miles after the border” Vinnie replied in a fast manner.
“A diner? What for?” Wolgast was confused, the car was gone and they had to go to a diner?
“You’ll see”

Vinnie and Wolgast drove late into the night, racing down the boulevards.
Throughout the situation Vinnie wanted to remain hidden, untraceable, unknown from the world… a ghost.

Descending into a street to lay low for the night, they decided it was best to sleep in the car and slowly Vinnie and Wolgast fell asleep to the hum of the world. 

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Another one word prompt! And another poem!


The past is a tricky thing.
Sometimes it’s etched in stone.
and other times,
it’s rendered in faint memories.
but if you meddle too long in deep,
dark things, who knows,
What demons you’ll awaken?




via Daily Prompt: Meddle

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This is the first daily prompt I have done which is a short poem. When I read the word taper I though of this idea of a woman setting her house on fire because she was teriminally ill and had an unknown amount of time left to live. Her husband wanted her to get all these treatments that could have helped her but she just gave up…

The vapor of smoke
Hung in the air
Then falling to drape her
Only to taper

The clock turns it’s hand
As she lay in her dreamland
Her eyelids declined
Between the fine line
Of sleep and wake
Only to taper

He never forgave her…


via Daily Prompt: Taper

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The Last Person On Earth

I am in the early stages of writing a short story that ventures into the post- apocalyptic world but with the intent of focusing on the element of how it would affect a person’s mind. 
Imagine if you woke up to discover that no was around, like everyone completely dissappeared?  You are in one part of the world, how do you know that your truly the last person on earth? Are you really alone? 

Now get comfy and adjust your eyes and read the small excerpt below… 
I sometimes feel like my mind’s trying to take me over, like AI robots will soon take over humans. I feel as if it wasn’t for my physical anatomy, my mind would burst like a can of worms. 

My temples pulsate as if in rhythm to my heart to tell me that each second I’m breathing, that theres overload of information waiting, ready to swallow me whole. 

I glance out the window as I wipe the last teat of despair from my face. Alone in my room, as I stare at the world, I may as well be the last person on earth… 

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Everything’s Stuck

Everything’s stuck. The words cycle, circle and pattern come to mind. We all keep repeating the same thing’s, the same actions, day in day out. Whilst also wanting a better life but just never getting there. Why? Why can’t we easily move forward and get to where we want to be?

One thing I’ve noticed throughout life is that people pay way too much attention to what’s going on in other people’s lives rather than their own. This leads them to having a small amount of self-awareness about themselves or their own lives.

I’m not saying it’s particularly a bad thing, just that at the end of the day, you do have your family and friends but when you really think about it, at the end of the day you only have yourself, other people aren’t going to sort your life out for you, so why you focusing so much on theirs?

To oppose this, you obviously start focusing on yourself more you need to let go of other people’s problems, even if you have a relation with someone, you need to realize that they have separate life, you are just a part of it.

So now your probably thinking, so you want me to become self-absorbed?

No, that’s not what I’m saying, if there is a situation in a person’s life that you are a part of and it involves you then of course there is no avoiding it. But by being more self-aware you can choose how you react.

What I think is that many people get involved in other people’s situations when they don’t need to.

If it’s a positive situation that could benefit you then go for it but if it’s a negative situation that’s just going to cause you hassle and annoy you and take up all your attention then you should just leave them to it.

This is obviously a cycle in itself and it go’s on and on and on, by deciding if you should get involved, you’d break out of that cycle and it’s such an obvious feeling. You feel like your on the outside looking in, and you can see how other people go about their lives.

I could go on but I think I need to reread this myself and make some changes to my own life, lol. Please leave your thoughts from your mind in the comments.


Curiosity Killed The Cat – Part 1

Rain stained the still warm path, each collision a hiss.

The man glanced at the blazing sun as he cleaned the chamber of his pistol which was as incandescent as the sun. He stood in the suburban streets of California, a ghost town it might have seemed. The rain attacked the man in anguish, as if god had seen this undesirable scene. The man pulled out a detailed handkerchief from his pocket and carefully cleaned his face. The man was tall and wore a long black jacket, he also wore a hat with a pattern emblazoned on it, a symbol of what mafia or gang he perhaps belonged to.

The man paid attention to the back of the blood soaked head that lay zombie-like on the road. What was he going to do? What should he do? Leave the scene without a trace? No, the man moved the body murderously. As the sun began to shine across the horizon dipping low as the sun whispered his next move. He had to go into hiding. Realization crept up on him as fast as the blood that poured out the corpse’s head. The man pause and in doing so a packet of cigars fell from the dead man’s pockets.

He looked at the packet oddly to wonder why such a man would have the money to buy these types of cigars. The man took a cigar, cur it then lit it deeply inhaling on the first drag. The man spoke aloud “Cuban cigars the best money can buy”. Relief only came for a few moments. The sun had soon set and the darkness cascaded around him.

The streets were dead as the man lying in front of him, he knew he had to get out of the area he was in, the turf he was on. The man catapulted his cigar.
Time had passed; he had to make a move. The car the man owned was across the block from where he was. The man picked up the festering body and dumped the corpse into which was his first grave. The sound of the engine crescendos louder making the whole street come alive.

The man drove as fast as he could avoiding main roads. The streets seemed to burst with people; they came out of nowhere. He left the car parked on 33rd street and went to El Torito. He went to the bar and ordered 3 shots of tequila.

*  *  *

A thief walked down 33rd street and noticed that a car door was slightly open. Making his way up to the vehicle, he tried the door handle, it opened.
“This is too easy” he muttered to himself. Like a bat out of hell he was gone driving down the streets of California, unaware of the contents in the trunk.
Heading for the border, he thought this was going to be easy, little did he know, things were about to get worse.

Hey Hey Hey

Hello there, I think you might find you’ve just landed in my mind, adjust your eyes and get comfy.

Me as a bitmoji.

Let me explain…

Once upon a time there was a girl… Just kidding! My life is heldback a lot by anxiety which means my mind is bursting with thoughts & ideas and I would say more so than the average person.

It’s time to come out now…Here’s Johnny!!

I’m an introvert by nature and must have turned over nearly ever self help book that there is. I’m too self aware, seriously. That’s one thing I’ll be writing about; the self.

I think this will consist of mainly tips & ideas on looking after yourself or stuff that’s worked for me.

I’m brutally honest too, infact I’m about to do it right now!

I smoke cannabis, lol.

Weed, dope, ganja, whatever you want to call it, so if my writing gets a bit weird sometimes y’know why, hehe…

I also write short storys and trust me, my imagination is off the scale…

I also share my thoughts about stuff, What do you think?

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